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A lot of fun

I had heard from lots of people that TFF was a good con to go to, but flying to a con is always a profit killer. But then Brian went to Chicago and Denver on two separate trips, so I thought "Hey, those are *my* airfare miles too!" so I felt comfortable enough to go. Lance was already going for the first time as well, and he's always great company so everything lined up perfectly. I burned some miles, and had to pay for the return trip, but Dallas/FtWorth is a hub so it wasn't a lot.

TFF is one of the only cons left that will accept mail-in entries into their art show, so months ago I had bought a single panel, intending to mail in a few things, but now I could take care of that in person, so that was nice. I had to make a quick sketch with my name and a brief "about me" and toss that up there as well. I put decently high prices on everything, perfectly content when nothing sold. And a couple of NFS pieces that I particularly liked (note to self, mail that painting to CEagle).
I also had the Humboldt hops dragon and the painting that I did for the Coffee Contact Soap, two very small watercolors of chiles (Texas!) and one small original from Voof. I meant to bring some prints from Officer Voof, but I ran out of time, waffling between which one to choose.

Artist Alley was a lottery system, but for all three days they had more spaces than applicants, hooray! I did eh, okay, I drew stuff for myself during down times. Having the reading glasses helps out a lot for inking and painting.

We didn't stay in the main con hotel, which I prefer, ever since the gas attack at MFF and dealing with instances of noisy teens making a ruckus and partying when I'm trying to sleep. We also played a lot of PokemonGo, there were five 'Stops in range of the con hotel and they were stocked with lures most of the time.

It was great to see everyone, people that I hadn't seen in a long time and it made me realize that yes, this is a Good Con and everyone really does try to make it there. I did get peopled-out and had to resist staying in the room too much after the artist alley closed. Lanny and I had a good laugh, "What are you going to do after dinner?" Oh the usual, walk around the convention looking slightly dazed, find a quiet wall to lean against, think to myself "Yep, this sure is a con, my my" and, duty fulfilled, scurry back to my room. :D
Lance did drag me to a panel that had good information about book publishing, Ursula was hosting it and she's always a hoot.

I am super jealous of Ursula and Jeff going birding after the con was over, but I had to scoot back to Virginia because we are leaving for spring break in a few days. #_#

Next year the con is at a convention center downtown, and I plan to go, and if we can get a sitter, Brian should come too. It's also a different date, February.

Wow, they are really on the ball, they've already got next year's info up!

Date: 2017-04-03 05:59 pm (UTC)
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That sounds really fun! I wish the furry con up here hadn't got itself killed - I've been in the mood to attend something lately and it seemed like a lot of people went to that one.

Yay for lots of PGo though! Were there different pokemon than you were used to seeing around there?

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